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Who we are

Since 2013, Shaye and her team have been designing and building tiny houses for hundreds of happy clients. Each and every project the team embarks on is taken very personally, the team live and breathe perfecting each tiny house design. All the tiny homes are designed and built by our highly skilled team of qualified builders based in New Zealand.

About our builds

Our story begins in 2013, when our founder, Shaye Boddington, decided to design and build her first tiny house. Shaye (and her then-partner) had purchased some land and wanted an affordable and environmentally friendly home for themselves and their young daughter. That's how Shaye came to design and build Lucy, her first tiny. What started as a one-off project has since turned into a passion and a growing business! Having experienced first-hand the financial freedom, ease of living and joy that a tiny home offers, Shaye was inspired to team up with builder Dylan to build another one...and then a third and a fourth. Eventually, Shaye's Tiny Homes was formed to design and build beautiful, highly liveable tiny houses at the highest standards. Since those early days, the business has grown significantly. Builder Dylan, who is still part of the team, has been joined by 20 others. Combining Shaye's design know-how and experience with a group of highly skilled builders and support staff, we now design and build 25-30 high-quality tiny homes each year. Each and every one of us love what we do and take a lot of pride in delivering the home of their dreams to our clients. We strive to create homes that are equally practical and beautiful, while also being sustainable and affordable. We believe that tiny houses can help solve some of the big challenges the world faces by providing affordable homes, being more sustainable and energy-efficient than traditional houses, and freeing their owners up financially. We're incredibly proud to be part of that movement and look forward to helping more people and families into their own (tiny) homes.

About Shaye's Tiny Homes

Business operating start date: 10-08-2014

Company's NZBN: 9429046940308

Service areas: All New Zealand


You can build from our own fixed plans (with only cosmetic changes)

You can build starting with your fixed plans and customising from them (structural changes are allowed)

You can choose a complete custom designs from scratch based on your requirements

You can supply your own plans supplied to you from another builder or architect


Single story: Yes
Lofts: Yes
Two story: Yes

Build completion stages

Complete build: Yes
Water tight shell, with pre wiring, pre plumbing, and walls lined: Yes
Water tight shell only: Yes


on wheels using a road legal light simple trailer
on wheels using a road legal heavy ridged trailer
on wheels on a trailer that is not road legal on skids

Price range:

$150k - $250k+


Width: 2.5m - 3.1m+
Length: 6m - 10m+
Height: 4.3m or under - Over 4.3m – up to and including 5m
Weight: above 3500kg

Additional features

Loft: Yes

Fire place: Yes

Heat pump: Yes

Solar system: Yes

Skylights: Yes

Decks: Yes

Sustainable: Yes

Services offered

Certificate of compliance: Yes
Building consent: No


Rent to own: No

Financing: No


Shaye's Tiny Homes

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